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Accelerator and bootcamp for entrepreneurs

Bootcamp FAQs

What happens at the bootcamp? 

The Bootcamp is a 2 day and half a day programme that teaches the Lean Startup methodology for businesses. During the course, you'll redefine your business plan, interview customers, discover key customer insights and learn how to achieve product/market fit.

Should I apply? 

We prefer technology businesses with potential to scale but we are happy to take promising candidates from all industries. We have had entrepreneurs ranging from cake bakers to toilet makers to app developers.

Who else uses the lean startup method? 

Most of today's top technology startups such as Airbnb, Uber, Facebook, Tesla and SpaceX use it, to name but a few. However, the lean startup method is used by large banks, government organisations and even non profit organisations with excellent results.

Do you take equity? 

No. All our programmes are sponsored by large organisations for job creation, marketing or strategic reasons. We have, however, helped a number of graduates raise money.

Do you fund startups? 

No. However, we have relationships with a number of investors. If we believe that you have a good chance of raising money and we like your business, we will be happy to introduce you to relevant investors.

How long does the course last? 

The bootcamps last 2 and half days - they start on a friday evening and go until Sunday afternoon.

Do you need a business plan?

No. If you have a prototype or working prototype we'd love you to bring it, but formal business plans aren't really our thing - business plans for existing companies with a sales history and existing customers are absolutely fine. For startups, you often don't know what the customers will do or how they'll behave, so writing a business plan based on guesses or assumptions is a bit of a waste - we get you to validate and test your assumptions before you dive in!

How will this course help me?

We get you to dig down into the heart of your product and customers, to make sure that there's the right fit between the two and that customers will actually want to buy your product.

Will you sign an NDA?

No. and there aren't many accelerators or investors that would at this stage. People are generally too busy to steal your ideas and we'd have zero credibility if we went around stealing ideas! There's a great article by Paul Graham on the value of ideas here:

Accelerator FAQs

What happens on the accelerator?

We develop the key aspects of your business. Our head coach has 6 meetings with the successful startups, guides and coaches them, sets targets and evaluates their progress. The onus is on the startups to follow the guidelines and implement our teachings. At the end of the programme, we have a demo day, where you can pitch your business in front of Standard Bank Execs, VC's and a large audience from the startup community,

How long is the accelerator?

3 months.

How do I get chosen for the accelerator?

We rate all entrepreneurs on Coachability, Competence and Commitment. If you have a good idea and display the 3 C's, you'll be put on the shortlist and ranked by our founders and the Standard Bank team

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