Resources to help you build great products and solve big problems


The product-market fit canvas

- The canvas used in our Bootcamps to teach lean startup.

Interview scripts

- Interview scripts to help you perform problem and solution interviews.


- A tool to get referred to all of South Africa's funders.


Bootcamp Slides

- The slide presentations used at our startup bootcamps.

Accelerator Slides

- The slide presentations used in our accelerator programmes.


Access to finance report

- Research on the financing landscape and challenges in South Africa.

Do things that don't scale

- The most common advice given at Y Combinator.

The only thing that matters

- Marc Andressen's seminal article on Product-Market fit.

Startup Playbook

- The slide presentations used in our accelerator programmes.

Why the lean startup changes everything

- Steve Blank's Harvard Business Review article on lean startup.


The lean startup

- Eric Ries's high level introduction to The lean startup process

The startup owners manual

- Steve Blank's (the father of lean startup) book on how to start a great company.

The other side of innovation

- A great book on setting up and managing corporate innovation teams.

Talking to humans

- Giff Constable's excellent introduction to customer interviewing.

The mom test

- Rob Fitzpatrick's introduction to Customer Development.


VSpace Technology

- App development services.


- For all your business printing needs delivered to your door.


- Accept payments quickly and easily.

Idea Prototype

- Low cost prototyping services.

Legal Legends

- Online low cost high quality legal services.

Outsourced CFO

- Low cost accounting services.


- Find funding for your business.

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